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Your construction project is a significant investment, and we believe in transparency every step of the way. At our construction company, we make sure you're always in the know about costs and potential changes. With monthly reviews by our experienced Quantity Surveyors and regular valuations and site meetings, your peace of mind is our top priority.

Design & Build Contracts

At Creative London, we offer a tailored solution for clients seeking a design-build contract. Some clients already have their architects' design briefs and are searching for a construction solution to facilitate their build. We specialise in taking these designs that have already obtained planning approval and assume full responsibility for both the design and its flawless implementation until the project reaches completion alongside the client's nominated architect. This approach not only mitigates risks for project owners but also accelerates project delivery by seamlessly integrating the design and construction phases. If you have a unique project in mind, we'd be delighted to engage in a discussion with you, exploring the advantages of this option among other possibilities.

Temporary Works

Given the scope of our projects at Creative London, temporary works play a pivotal role that demands meticulous attention. In compliance with construction phase planning, we prioritise safety by executing tasks through a devised plan, created by our team of seasoned professionals. Our design team crafts intricate plans and designs, mapping out the logical sequence of works, effectively mitigating risks tied to the construction sequence. This approach not only ensures the most efficient project timeline but also minimises costs by averting unnecessary delays in the construction programme.


Over many years we have worked with numerous companies that have enabled us to build a huge supply chain that we know can deliver consistent quality and variety for our clients should they need advice or assistance. From bespoke furniture, swimming pools and spas, staircases, windows and doors, ironmongery, paint and wallcoverings we can assist with recommendations and contacts.

Mechanical and Electrical/ Renewable Heating Solutions

As the industry embraces the changes from conventional heating via gas and oil fired boilers we can provide alternative solutions for customers to consider such as Heat Pumps and Solar Water Heating systems.


Commonly the contractors are required to design Mechanical and Electrical services. The C.D.P. portion in JCT contracts. We can provide design solutions for all our mechanical and electrical installations if required. We have well established relationships with specialist contractors who provide our solutions. We have worked with these companies for many years and have established relationships. We can provide collateral warranties should these be required.

Building Control

We have established strong ties with approved building control providers, notably OnSite Building Control. They are a trusted government-approved contractor listed on the official inspector register. OnSite offers flexible and cost-effective Building Control Services, enabling ongoing plan assessment during projects, eliminating the need for all plans upfront. Their experienced surveyors prioritise compliance, cost-saving, and early issue resolution. With services ranging from initial design assessments to final certifications, OnSite is a reliable partner for efficient, regulation-compliant building projects.

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Creative London produce gant charts that set out the build program in a clear and concise way. It enables clients and design teams to understand the logical path of the works and in doing so provides the key delivery dates for information required and project  procurement.

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